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Choosing the Most Durable Roofing

Choosing roofing for your home is a big decision. One of the factors that makes it difficult is the fact there are so many options to select from available to you. Without a doubt, you need to choose roofing that will look great on your home, but it also needs to be durable. Which product should you choose? Does brand matter? Before you make this decision, consider a few important tips that can make all of the difference in the process.

Think Energy Efficient

While you may be looking for durability, you also want to consider the actual energy efficiency of roofing. Products range significantly. For example, asphalt shingles, one of the most common products, are only moderately efficient, if you purchase the newest styles and designs. On the other hand, installing metal roofing – which no longer is something just for commercial buildings, will allow you to have a much higher level of energy efficiency. These roofs work well to block the sun’s rays from heating the interior of the home, reducing your air conditioning use. Consider other eco-friendly products as well. These roofs are also less likely to need maintenance and repair (and some last as long as 40 years.) But, this is just one option available to you.

Look for Warranties

Warranties on roofs are a big factor when buying one type of material over another. They also range from one manufacturer to the next. Several things are important to consider. First, products like asphalt shingles are significantly less expensive than purchasing other products. These tend to have a lifespan up to 20 years. Metal roofs can last 20 to 40 years. Clay or tile roofs tend to have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. Many other products are out there. When you are buying, though, look beyond the expected lifespan and determine what the warranty from the manufacturer is. This will give you a good indication of durability.

Think Character

Sure, you want a roof that is durable and going to last as long as possible, but that is not all there is to think about when making this type of purchase. Think about the character the roof adds to any space. For example, wood, such as cedar or redwood can make a significant difference in the look of your home. And, they can last up to 25 years. You could go with slate as well, which is more expensive, but offers perhaps the very best in terms of both style and long life – these can last 100 years or longer. You could go with cement or tile, too. Colors, patterns, and overall tile style all impact the look of your home.

When it comes to buying roofing, work closely with a contractor. Have an in-house consultation to discuss your specific needs and ideas. Then, work with your contractor to choose the right combination of cost, warranties, durability, and character. This way, you end up not having to worry about your roof because it is secure and beautiful.



Considering Top Deck Materials

In case you haven’t noticed, the world is living in a time of great abundance. Coffee shops have massive billboards to advertise their products and buying laundry detergents can be quite an undertaking. Choosing materials for your brand new deck can be just as challenging. Read on below for some tips on what deck materials you should consider when looking to build a modern deck on your home.

Pressure Treated Wood for the Economic

Pressure treated lumber is still the number one most sold lumber on the market today. The reason for this is the fact that it is economical, easy to cut and fasten, and available no matter what coast you live on. The fact that most pressure treated, also known at PT, is made from southern yellow pine and then treated with chemicals to ensure it’s protection from fungus, wood-eating bugs and rot recommends it as well.

The only cons to pressure treated lumber is that it has a tendency to crack, warp, and split. It is also necessary to maintain the deck in order to prolong it’s life.

Redwood and Cedar for the Naturally Superior

For homeowners that are purists, the only option in their eyes is either redwood or cedar. Neither of these options is treated with chemicals, making the environmentally friendly among you extra happy. These options also have a rich and colorful wood. The natural chemicals in this wood make them resistant to rot, decay, and certain kinds of insects.

The bad thing about redwood and cedar is that the amount of weather and bug resistance they have will be directly related to the amount of heartwood there is in the boards themselves.

Tropical Hardwoods for the Exotic Minded

Tropical hardwoods are extremely popular for the following reasons.

  • They are exotic
  • Have rich grains
  • Extremely hard wood
  • Very durable
  • Naturally resistant to rot and insects

The cons of building a deck with tropical hardwoods are listed below as well.

  • Expensive when compared to other types of lumber, such as PT
  • Dense and heavy
  • Hard to cut and drill
  • So dense that they don’t accept stains well

Aluminum as a Stay Cool Option

While not a common choice, aluminum is used for deck building by some. Aluminum decking will not rot, warp, splinter, or crack. It is also highly weather resistant and bug resistant as well. It also stays cooler in the sun and doesn’t attract bugs or catch on fire.

That makes aluminum decking a pretty good option if you think about it. The only drawback is that aluminum is a lot more expensive than any of the other options discussed here today, so you might need to check your budget before making any type of a decision.

These are just a few of the deck materials that you can consider when looking to add a deck onto your home. From aluminum to natural cedar or redwood, there are many options out there; you just need to choose the one that best meets your needs.


What Does a Design Build Service Do?

The days of traditional builders and remodelers taking care of your remodeling needs are long gone. Today, you can hire a design build service to do the job just as well. Of course, as with any type of service, there are going to be pros and cons to this type of service as well. Read on below for some of the pros and cons to choosing design build services over traditional services today.

What is a Design Build Service?

Design build is a system where the same building and remodeling team work under a single contractor in order to get the building and the remodeling done on a home. It is a good way to forgo having to work with many different contractors during the process of getting your home built and remodeled and in the end will save you money as well.

Pros of Design Build

There are many more advantages than disadvantages to using this type of service. Read on below for a few of them.

Everyone is on the Same Team

All of the workers are in the project together and have the same goal. That goal is to finish the job on schedule, under budget, and to the homeowner’s satisfaction.

Total Accountability

One of the major pros of using this type of service is the fact that one team is held responsible for the entire project, instead of a series of different contractors that will try to lay the blame on the other contractors on the job.

Continuity on the Project

The chance for details to fall through the cracks is lessened when you have one build design team working on a project. You can be sure that there will be continuity because everyone on the team is on the same page.

Open and Honest Communication

The best kind of communication is the one where the team is open and honest. Everyone on this type of team works together to ensure that your home is built and designed the right way with no mistakes. If you are thinking of going with this type of a design, however, you still need to do your research and find the best service to meet your needs.

The Cons of Design Build

Of course, as with anything else in the world, there are disadvantages to using design build as well. Read on below for a few of those disadvantages.

When One is Out, All may be Out

The only major problem with having one team take care of all of your building, remodeling, and designing needs is the fact that if something happens to one part of the team, you might be stuck waiting for building to resume.

These are just a few of the pros and cons of using this type of service for your needs. From open and honest communication to continuity on the project, this seems to be the best way to go. You can contact Joseph Ketner for more information today.




What to Do When You Need a Deck Installed

Your yard is gorgeous, your pool is sparkling, and your family is happy. However, to you it seems that something might be missing from the perfect family picture in the back yard. You think about it for a bit, and realize that the thing that would complete your perfect picture is a deck. You decide that instead of building the deck yourself, you will call in the professionals who specialize in building decks for a living. Read on below for some things that you need to know when you are looking to have a deck installed.

Take a Trip to City Hall

The first thing you will need to do is take a trip to the city hall in your area to see if decks are allowed in your neighborhood. Remember, that construction of large structures like a deck usually require a permit that you will need to get from city hall. Whatever contractor you choose to install the deck for you can tell you exactly what it is you will need; if that is the route, you choose to go.

Make sure to ask about the tax implications of adding a deck to your home as well. Many homeowners do not think about these things but you need to, so as not to run into problems on down the road.

Do Your Research and Find the Right Team

Just like with any other contractors out there, you want the best team to install your deck at the most inexpensive price. Remember, deck installation requires experience above and beyond what your average contractor is capable of. In other words, do not hire the roofing company down the street to install your deck, because it might not turn out the way that you were planning.

Do your research, talk to different people, and then take your time choosing the best deck installation team to meet your needs.

Set the Right Expectations

No two decks are going to be the same. They are each unique in their own way. A solidly built deck will enhance the look of your property, be useful to your family, and increase the value of your home as well. You should look to spend quite a bit to have a quality deck installed. The old adage you get what you pay for is very apt in this situation.

 Make Sure to Maintain Your Deck

The installation team can do an amazing job on installing your deck, but that is where their job ends. You have to maintain your deck the right way over the years, if you want it to last you a long time to come. Take care of your deck and it will take care of you.

These are just a few of the things that you should consider when looking to have a deck installed on your property. You can also contact Joseph Ketner for more information on installing decks and other services today.


Top Benefits of Window Replacement

Have you noticed that your windows are a little worse for wear? Then it is time that you inquire about window replacement for your home. There are many different reasons why you would want to replace your windows (other than the obvious reason being that they look worn an old), and each one of the reasons is a great reason to replace your current windows. Below are a few of the top reasons why so many homeowners like yourself need window replacements.


The look


One of the main reasons why homeowners opt for window replacement is that their current windows do not look as acceptable as they have in the past. Over time, windows a road away and start to look worse for wear. This can worsen the look of your home, which could drive down the overall value of your home and even your neighbor’s homes! If you take pride in your residential property (and we know that you do), then you will want to consider replacing your current windows and installing new windows to give your home a look that will impress everyone that drives by it!




Modern windows will protect your home even better than your current windows. Because modern windows are tested for forced entry and include multiple locks to improve the safety of your home, you can take solace in knowing that whenever you install a new, modern window into your home, you will be protecting the sanctity of your home, your family, and every aspect of your property.




If you and your family wish to tighten the family budget, one of the things you should not cut out of your budget is the replacement of new windows. Window replacement not only makes your home look better and increases the security of the property, but it will also save you a substantial amount of money annually. By installing new windows, this decreases heating costs, reduces maintenance, increases the value of your home, and generally makes your home stay comfortable year-round. If you hate spending an absurd amount of money on your heating or cooling bills every year, new windows will fix this!




Finally, replacing your windows will also allow you to live more comfortably than ever in your residential property. We mentioned that window replacement allows you to decrease the amount you will spend annually on heating and cooling, and this is because it actually traps the heat and cool air inside of your home so that your central heating and cooling system does not have to continuously be operating (thus increasing the amount you spend annually on electricity).


This will make your home exponentially more comfortable to live in. This is one of the biggest positives of installing new windows into your home. Because you never have to fight keep your home at a comfortable temperature, you can live happy and comfortably in your residential property going forward. It is one of the many advantages of installing new windows into your home, so give it a shot today!

Most Common Injuries from Do It Yourself Construction  

With tons of social media sites such as Pinterest, glorifying the “do-it-yourself” world, it is no surprise that everyone is attempting who knows what kind of DIY projects. Unfortunately, too many people get so caught up in the end result that they forget to take precautionary steps to make sure everything goes smoothly and ends safely. This causes a lot of people to sustain injuries from projects that could be easily avoided.


There are a lot of ways that you can help prevent yourself from becoming injured during your DIY project. Identifying them is the first step toward making sure that you stay as safe as possible. Here are a few of the most common injuries that are sustained from various DIY projects.


The Use of Power Tools


Sometimes injuries can be caused simply from the equipment that is being used. IN order to prevent these things it is important to be thoroughly educated on how each tool and piece of equipment works before trying to use it in a project. This will not only help the project to turn out appropriately, but also keep you safe.

  • Ladders are ironically one of the highest injury-related objects in construction. Over 170,000 people are injured each year because of a ladder accident. Always be sure that you inspect ladders thoroughly before their use to ensure the highest safety and have someone help you as well.


  • Tools are another big issue. Whether you are working on Siding Repair or Replacement, or Window Replacement and Installation, using the wrong table tools or hand tools in the wrong way can easily cause injury. Big saws and other power tools are dangerous without knowing how to use them, but even something as simple as a hammer can be dangerous without proper technique. Learn how to use equipment appropriately and do not operate anything heavy while on medication or alcohol.


Common Everyday Accidents


Other times, the injuries are caused simply from everyday common accidents or things done in an improper way. Being aware of these issues is one of the best ways to prevent them in the future.


  • Sometimes, something as simple as lawn work can go awry if you don’t know how to utilize the lawn equipment.


  • Even the simplest projects like Bathroom Remodeling, Interior Remodeling and Roofing can cause some of the worst injuries if you are not careful.


  • The biggest key to making sure you stay safe during any DIY project is to be aware and educated on how things work, and also to have an extra pair of hands on deck at all times. Both of these practices can insure you stay safe and get work done.


As you can see, many injuries overlap in commonality with DIY projects. Whether you are looking for a complete Historic Restoration or a simple Kitchen Remodeling, you can take preventative steps to make sure that you don’t become another construction statistic. Being educated about processes and equipment is a great way to establish safety rules as well as make sure you are able to complete the project with as much success as you want. For more information regarding safety, or to get an In-Home Consultation, check out or contact a Design Build Service near you.


Sealing window and door leaks – a basic guide

The beginning of autumn and winter is usually the time when people think about heating and the bills that come as a result of that. However, it’s a good time to implement leak protection measures at any time of year to get the most out of your heating and cooling. The way in which we heat the rooms and the selection of energy are major decisions (both in financial and technical terms) that we had to make and implement before autumn in order to ensure that our home is warm during the winter period. In addition to these major decisions there is another important thing that we can do in order to avoid or reduce the high heating bills to some extent.

The cheapest and easiest way to prevent uncontrolled heat leakage is the sealing of windows and doors. According to some statistics, people can reduce their bills from 5% to 30% depending on the state of your windows and doors. What is interesting is that we have a similar situation during the summer because we need to use more power for our air conditioners because the air leakage makes the cold air leave the home really fast. Proper building and siding on your home can help insulate it.

Doors and windows usually have rubbers that prevent the passage of air when they are closed. However, over time these rubbers accumulate large amounts of fine particles of dust (you can notice black powder accumulated on the door frame easily). It is obvious that the rubber sealant in this case is not performing its function properly. That’s why you need to check if the rubber is in a good shape and if it is worn out you should replace it with a new one in order to solve the problem. However, in some cases even the replacement won’t fix the problem which means that you will have to apply additional sealing of the door/window.

In order to do that you will have to prepare the door first. If you have used rubber or foam strips for sealing doors and windows in the past it is necessary to remove them. In some cases this won’t be easy because the foam peels off from the plastic adhesive tape that kept it glued to the wooden surface. Make sure that this part of the job is done properly because it is crucial for the success of sealing. The places where we can find remain of old tape, the glue from the new tape won’t be able to hold it for more than few weeks and after that the tape will lose its function.

Choosing the right weatherseal is also important. There are many different type os tapes like this on the market. Some of them can fill cavities of up to 0.2 inches. It is recommended to use a tape that is thick as it is necessary because if you place tape that is too thick it will be more difficult to close the doors and windows. Sponge sealing tapes are not recommended because they don’t last long. Besides rubber and foam/sponge tapes you can use aluminum slats too.

The process of sealing window and door leaks is not very difficult, but if you are looking for fast and quality results it is better to leave this task to professionals like the ones working in Portland Exteriors.