Hardie Aspyre Collection

A Timeless Look That’s Alao Durable

Hardie Aspyre Collection
Joseph Ketner Construction is proud to offer the Aspyre Collection, a new James Hardie product that mixes the old and the new, the traditional and the modern, and offers a timeless look that works on a variety of architectural styles. Along with standard vertical siding and customary panels with board and batten highlights, you now have a choice when it comes to the appearance of your home.

The James Hardie Aspyre Collection comes with two distinct styles: the Reveal Panel System and the Artisan Siding and Trim products. Used separately or in conjunction with one another, you’ll give your home a look that makes people stop, look, and slowly nod their heads in approval.

The Perfect Combination Of Form And Function

Timeless Look, Unbeatable Lifespan
Close up of red Hardie Aspyre Collection shiplap siding.Even without the variety of styles you can create with the Aspyre Collection, James Hardie products give you unbeatable longevity. The fiber cement boards are perfect for any climate, standing up to the true four-season weather we get in the Pacific Northwest. Hardie products are also fire-resistant, which is becoming an increasingly worrisome concern.

Because of its superior adhesiveness for paint, it won’t crack or peel as wood does. It also repels insects and other pests that like to make homes in natural wood. It won’t crack like vinyl and resists denting better than aluminum, which can be important during those stormy days when the wind can whip branches and other debris all over the place.

A Greed Product That’s Built To Last

Sustainability through Durability
One of the reasons James Hardie materials are considered sustainable is that you won’t have to replace panels, siding, or trim pieces as often as other products. That’s less material going to the landfills and more money in your pocket. Maintenance is much easier, too.

The product itself is made from abundant natural materials that are low in toxicity. There is very little off-gassing with fiber cement, earning James Hardie products a green rating from many building industry organizations. They are also able to recycle much of the water they use during the manufacturing of their products.

Mix And Match To Get The Look You Want

Design Versatility
Multicolor home to illustrate Hardie Aspyre Collection of siding.The Aspyre Collection offers a variety of textures, profiles, sizes, and more to give your home the look you want. By offering contrasting styles on the outside of your home, you’ll add more interest, and give your house an updated, classy, unique look. The combination of modern design and traditional forms adds a dimension not possible with other products.

Because of the thicker material, the Aspyre Collection creates deeper shadow lines and a clean, crisp appearance. Corner trim pieces can be added to give your home even more depth. You can really give your home a unique and striking look with the Aspyre Collection and attractive trim pieces.

Customer Testimonials

"It went excellent. I am very happy with the job. He was on time, cleaned up the site, and also responded very quickly to any issues we had."

Review by Claire

"They were courteous and professional. They arrived on time and organized their equipment at the end of the workdays. They also finished a day early. Highly recommended."

Review by Jordan

"I was most satisfied with the final result. It’s very aesthetically pleasing."

Review by David

"No one’s better than their team at what they do. They do all the exterior design for my development projects and I can honestly say I couldn’t think of a better partner."

Review by George

"Joe has complete integrity about pricing, is very detail oriented, leaves nothing to chance, and offered valuable insight into products, etc. They were friendly, extremely skilled and professional, and a pleasure to have around. They communicated with us often, and were completely trustworthy."

Review by Carol

"Joe was very helpful when it came to selecting products He was also very patient when it came to dealing with changes regarding layout of the windows. I would not hesitate to recommend Joe to anyone needing work done on their house."

Review by Gabe

Elite Preferred Contractor Status

James Hardie Expert Installation With Joseph Ketner Construction
For more than two decades, we’ve been providing Portland area homes with whole-home facelifts using James Hardie materials. The new Aspyre Collection joins our list of other Hardie fiber-cement products, including cedar mill and smooth lap siding, staggered shingle siding, and more along with custom trim, fascia, and soffit products.

We are a Preferred James Hardie Remodeler, a designation given to fewer than 1% of siding contractors in America. This means our crews have been continuously trained on Hardie materials and our job sites are always subject to inspection by James Hardie auditors. We’ve earned that title, and we’re proud to have done it. Put our experience to work for you.

A close up beige and gray James Hardie siding to illustrate the difference between James Hardie Siding vs Vinyl

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