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What to Expect

Let’s get started!

Do your research online. Check out Joseph Ketner Construction on Angie’s List, Better Business Bureau, Google, Nextdoor, Houzz and Facebook. Ask your friends, family and neighbors for references. Call Joseph Ketner Construction for a free home consultation.

Share your ideas and questions.

Meet the owner, Joseph Ketner, and tell him your ideas for the project. Share questions or concerns you have. Let him know your expectations, discuss a reasonable plan together, and he will guide you through the process.

Design and/or color consultations

Need help with siding design, combining products, historic attributes or color palates? Just a few simple features can transform you house into a Showcase Home. Meet with a professional designer and have confidence you’re making the right decision.

Get on the schedule!

Go over the proposal with Joe and add details or make revisions as needed to meet your expectations. Lock in your place on the teams’ schedule with a signed contract and a partial deposit.

Your work is done! Now relax, and let the professionals make your home beautiful.

Meet the team!

You will meet the project manager and lead construction team member at a pre-construction meeting. They will do a site walkaround and identify material staging zones and areas of concern (i.e., challenging ladder work, sensitive landscaping, etc). Site set-up oftens begins on this day.

Lead-based paint concerns

Detailed informational packets disclosing the risks of lead-based paint will be sent to you prior to starting. The JKC team is professionally trained and certified to safely remove lead-based paint products. Know with confidence that your family will remain safe.

Getting dirty

Demolition is messy, but a drop box and portable toilet will be delivered to keep the site safe and sanitary. Please allow space for this, either on the street or in a driveway. The team will need a work environment they can move around safely and efficiently. Expect they will clean up at the end of every day and cover materials left onsite. For everyone’s safety, please keep your children and pets out of the work zone.

Transformation in progress

It’s fun to watch the makeover process. You can take the opportunity to see how your house was built, what products stood the test of time and which did not. It’s not a study for everyone, but it’s worth knowing what’s behind your ceiling and walls. Consider adding or upgrading your insulation during this opportune time.

Hidden damages

Many homes have hidden water damage under the siding, roofing or around windows and doors. If damage is found, the project manager and/or team lead will discuss options and offer suggestions and remedies. You can expect to be billed hourly labor and materials as will have been previously discussed in your contract. Correcting damaged areas will save money, offer longevity and make your home safer.

Specialized service and superior outcome

As planned, the team has done everything possible to make your exterior construction flawless. Your questions and concerns have been addressed, the skilled craftsmanship is impressive, and you are at ease. Perfect! Relax and enjoy the process.

When and how to pay

Your contract will specify when progress payments and the final payment are due. In most cases, there will be a down payment, a payment when work has commenced, a progress payment when the majority of work is done, and a final payment when everything is complete. JKC will never have you pay in full until the work is complete and to your satisfaction.

Give yourself a break

Feel free to get to know the awesome team members or step away if you’re busy or see construction as a nuisance. To complete your job on schedule, expect the team to arrive between 7:30 a.m. and 8 a.m. and to work until between 3:30 p.m. and 5 p.m. during regular weekdays. In most cases, you will have the weekends to yourself. Exceptions include authorized additional work and ideal weather-capture time blocks. Please inform the project manager of any scheduling concerns.

Less than perfect

While we all strive for perfection, we are imperfect beings. Unforeseen delays or defects can occur. But please know that JKC will step up to ensure everything is corrected. Exterior projects are subject to weather delays, and JKC will guide you through completion. Remember, JKC offers a 20-year warranty on their work.

Painting: the finishing touch!

The JKC paint team is exceptional, and this is one of the most satisfying aspects of exterior remodeling. Expect that the paint team will cover all sensitive landscaping, decks and porches. Please keep the work zone clear and free of your outdoor furniture and personal items. For the safety of the team, please keep your pets and children indoors during painting.

A successful completion

You have a beautifully transformed home, the value of your property has increased and your home is safer for your family. There is a Final Completion Form that states your project has reached completion and your contract has been fulfilled. Your warranty will commence at this time. In most cases, progress photos would have been taken along the construction journey and at completion. It would be great if you and/or your family would stand in a photo to commemorate the project. You will have the chance to allow or decline the use of your house photos in JKC marketing efforts.

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Let us know how we did!

JKC expects you to love the work we’ve done, and we hope you will tell your friends about the experience. There are a number of review platforms, and the entire team awaits your comments and suggestions. JKC is a small company striving for your complete satisfaction. Please give us your feedback so that we can continue to grow successfully in our large and competitive market.

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