Cedar Siding Replacement

Retain the Classic Look of Your Home

Cedar siding is a long-established essential of your historic house
Cedar siding is an absolute staple on century-old homes because of its natural beauty and time-honored relevance. In many cases, neighborhood covenants need to be followed on your Portland home if it holds historical value. If your home needs real cedar siding to satisfy these requirements, you need Joseph Ketner Construction.

Cedar siding’s popularity is rooted in its blend of aesthetic allure and natural durability. This wood’s natural beauty, with its rich grain and varying tones, keeps the traditional charm of your home intact. We take pride in our ability to match the existing look of your historic home and bring back the glory of when it was first built.

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Steeped in Tradition

Matching the time-tested look of historic homes

In many cases, remodeling of historic homes requires the use of historic materials. But cedar siding on historic homes isn’t merely a nod to tradition–it’s recognizing time-tested qualities. Homes of historic significance often need cedar siding for its authenticity and ability to maintain architectural integrity.

Cedar’s timeless appeal, authenticity, and historical accuracy make it a go-to choice for restoration projects aiming to preserve the original character and aesthetic. Beyond its visual connections with historic designs, cedar’s natural resilience plays a pivotal role. Its durability withstands the test of time, aligning perfectly with the long-term preservation goals of these structures.

Why Choose Joseph Ketner for Your Cedar Siding Replacement?

Experienced installation is a necessity

Cedar is a beautiful, durable wood choice, but its longevity and performance heavily rely on proper installation. Joseph Ketner Construction brings experience and an understanding of the nuances involved—the right techniques, tools, and knowledge of how cedar behaves over time.

Our expertise ensures precise fitting, appropriate sealing to prevent moisture intrusion, and proper ventilation to safeguard against rot or warping. The finesse of our installation professional also extends to addressing potential challenges of historic houses, where unique and often ornate architecture must be met to preserve the traditional look of the home. We aren’t just installing cedar siding, we’re protecting your investment with exacting standards.

Put Our Experience to Work on Your Historic Portland Home

Our client satisfaction rate is unsurpassed
Drawing upon several decades of combined expertise, our crew offers exceptional craftsmanship and unmatched customer service within the Portland metro area communities. We possess the skills necessary to deliver superior results that not only retain the required look of historic homes, but also stand up to the diverse and challenging weather conditions prevalent in the Pacific Northwest.

Finding the right team for your home’s new siding can be a frustrating job. At Joseph Ketner Construction, our commitment is to streamline the entire process for you, putting you at ease with this important decision. We’re licensed in Oregon and Washington and have an unheard of 99 percent recommendation rating from our clients. Reach out today for a complimentary consultation and let’s make your siding project hassle-free and historically accurate.

Customer Testimonials

"It went excellent. I am very happy with the job. He was on time, cleaned up the site, and also responded very quickly to any issues we had."

Review by Claire

"They were courteous and professional. They arrived on time and organized their equipment at the end of the workdays. They also finished a day early. Highly recommended."

Review by Jordan

"I was most satisfied with the final result. It’s very aesthetically pleasing."

Review by David

"No one’s better than their team at what they do. They do all the exterior design for my development projects and I can honestly say I couldn’t think of a better partner."

Review by George

"Joe has complete integrity about pricing, is very detail oriented, leaves nothing to chance, and offered valuable insight into products, etc. They were friendly, extremely skilled and professional, and a pleasure to have around. They communicated with us often, and were completely trustworthy."

Review by Carol

"Joe was very helpful when it came to selecting products He was also very patient when it came to dealing with changes regarding layout of the windows. I would not hesitate to recommend Joe to anyone needing work done on their house."

Review by Gabe

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