Hardie Plank Shingle Siding


Hardie Shingle Siding: Staggered and Straight-Edge Panels
While many residential homes have a uniform look to their horizontal siding, certain architectural designs need a different aesthetic when it comes to siding. For example, farmhouses, Cape Cod styles, and other “cottage” homes need shingle siding to really complete the look.

With Hardie Shingle siding, you give your home the feeling of an oceanfront bungalow or riverside chalet deep in the woods even when you’re in a land-locked neighborhood. The wood grain gives your home the appearance of wood without the upkeep and its non-combustible material is resistant to fire.

Unlike natural cedar shingle siding, Hardie Shingle siding needs very little attention for it to retain its great appearance. While cedar is naturally resistant to the elements, it will weather over time and needs plenty of attention to prevent damage from pests.

Cedar shingle siding also needs to be thoroughly cleaned and treated or coated every few years to keep its appearance. If painted, even more work is required to remove chipped or flaking paint before priming and then repainting. It’ll look great to be sure, but it is a long process.

With its fiber cement construction, Hardie Shingle siding needs only to be hosed off once or twice a year to keep it looking great. The long-lasting material will stand up to the true four-season weather we get in the Pacific Northwest and is resistant to insects, animals, and the green stuff that can grow on other materials.


Image of a home with cedar Hardie Plank Siding

Front view of a home with slate gray Hardie Plank Shingle Siding


Two Styles of Hardie Shingle Siding to Choose From

Staggered Edge Panel – This is a truly unique look for any home. Instead of uniform horizontal and vertical lines, Staggered Edge Hardie Shingle siding panels offer a truly random or even custom look. When used with other exterior house design touches, such as stone or brick facades, you give your home a very one-of-a-kind appearance.

Straight Edge Panel – Offering a more consistent look, Straight Edge Shingle panel siding offers a more modern look with cleaner lines while still maintaining the wood grain texture. The Straight Edge Shingle panels siding is available in all of the same colors as the Staggered Edge Hardie Shingle siding as well as primed and ready to paint options.


Hardie Shingle Siding has Great Looks, Low Maintenance

With James Hardie ColorPlus® Technology, there are several popular colors to choose from. With engineering that protects the siding, Hardie Shingle fiber cement siding is one of the few products on the exterior of your home that will retain its looks after years of rain, snow, ice, and sun. There are also primed and ready to paint Hardie Shingle siding in both the staggered edge and straight edge panels.


A rustic home with Hardie Plank Shingle siding featuring both red cedar and earth green colors

View of a home's front entrance enhanced with slate gray Hardie Plank Shingle Siding


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