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Joseph Ketner Construction is a leader in home siding replacement in the greater Portland, Oregon, area. This is partially due to our exemplary products and service, but also because we know you need your exterior renovation to be streamlined, painless, and done right. Siding is the first line of defense against the elements.

We understand that failing home exteriors are a major concern and that finding a trustworthy house siding replacement contractor is equally worrisome. Joseph Ketner and his crew will ease that worry with an honest assessment of your home’s exterior, a clear plan, and meticulous, warrantied work. And the curb appeal of your home will get an immediate facelift!



Does Your House Siding Need to Be Replaced?
If you’ve been in your home for more than 30 years or you bought an older home, you might consider residing to protect your investment or even increase your home value. Even if your siding is in good shape, extremely faded siding can also be more than an eyesore.

Maybe you’re distressed by signs of deterioration, yet unsure if you need new siding. That’s why we offer free consultations to help you weigh the damage and discuss the cost of house siding replacement. In some cases, you may not need new siding–we believe in offering clear and transparent consulting.

When Is House Siding Replacement Needed?

We perform a thorough examination of the exterior of your home, looking for signs of failure, distress, and damage. You may only need to replace a certain area of your siding, or you could be looking at an entire residing project. But rest assured we’ll only suggest repairs that you need.

Signs that you need home siding replacement
It’s not always easy to know when it’s time for a house siding replacement, but there are things you can look for. Here are a few signs that home siding replacement is needed:

  • Holes, cracks, or gaps in the exterior
  • Loose nails popping out of the siding
  • Peeling interior paint or wallpaper
  • Rot or crumble across the exterior
  • Bubbling, blistering, or loose siding
  • Wildlife or insect damage
  • Hail or storm damage
  • Rising energy costs
  • Lead or asbestos
  • Holes, cracks, or gaps in the exterior

Small problems can build to worse issues later

These little imperfections can cause big problems down the road as water seeps in behind your siding. This can cause rot to the sheathing behind the siding and provides the perfect environment for mold.

Loose nails popping out of the siding
This happens when the siding has shifted or has been expanding and contracting with the weather. This loosens nails, exposing them to weather, and allowing moisture to get in behind the siding. The nails can also rust, leaving streaks on your siding.

Peeling interior paint or wallpaper
This is a sign that the interior of your home is experiencing excess moisture. This could be caused by siding that was poorly installed or is otherwise failing.

Customer Testimonials

"It went excellent. I am very happy with the job. He was on time, cleaned up the site, and also responded very quickly to any issues we had."

Review by Claire

"They were courteous and professional. They arrived on time and organized their equipment at the end of the workdays. They also finished a day early. Highly recommended."

Review by Jordan

"I was most satisfied with the final result. It’s very aesthetically pleasing."

Review by David

"No one’s better than their team at what they do. They do all the exterior design for my development projects and I can honestly say I couldn’t think of a better partner."

Review by George

"Joe has complete integrity about pricing, is very detail oriented, leaves nothing to chance, and offered valuable insight into products, etc. They were friendly, extremely skilled and professional, and a pleasure to have around. They communicated with us often, and were completely trustworthy."

Review by Carol

"Joe was very helpful when it came to selecting products He was also very patient when it came to dealing with changes regarding layout of the windows. I would not hesitate to recommend Joe to anyone needing work done on their house."

Review by Gabe

Great Siding Makes A Difference.

How Can We Help Protect Your Investment?
Even minor signs of deterioration or musty smells inside your home can indicate severe damage hiding beneath your siding. Joseph Ketner Construction has built its reputation on providing peace of mind by solving your home exterior problems with elegant design, durable siding, and complete exterior renovations.

The siding of your home provides the first layer of protection against the elements. If water is allowed to get in behind the siding, you could be dealing with dry rot, mold, mildew, and other issues that may not be noticeable until it’s too late. If allowed to fester, you could be looking at much more than a residing project.

Protect the Interior of Your Home

The damage could make its way to the inside of your home, too. If black mold makes its way to your interior walls, you may have to leave the house for several days until the growth has been completely remediated. Then there’s the time and expense involved with rebuilding the interior.

Water damage under siding or roofing and around doors and windows usually isn’t detectable from the outside, but if our team discovers problems, we’ll help you find solutions immediately! View our siding replacement and home makeovers or hear how we earned the respect of hundreds of Portland-area homeowners.

Established Experience at Your Service

Get in touch for a free consultation on your siding and full exterior remodel project! We’ll visit your home and our consultant will inspect all of the exterior elements. If you’re interested in replacing your siding, we want to consider the entire home before making recommendations. With the variety of siding products available to us, we want to make sure your home looks the best it can be.

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