Siding Tear Downs

Siding Tear Downs | Joseph Ketner Construction

In many cases, it’s pretty clear when it’s time to replace the siding on your home. This goes beyond cracking or peeling paint: there could be loose or missing pieces of siding, the siding could be badly damaged due to an accident or rot, or maybe it was just poorly installed. And one of the first steps of a renovation is the existing siding tear down.

This is important for two reasons: first, you can’t put up new siding until the existing siding has been removed. But once the old siding is down, you get a better picture of the overall scope of the job. If the outside of the siding is in really bad shape, chances are there could be some damage behind the siding as well.

Siding Tear Downs

The first step of your home’s transformation
As an experienced Portland siding contractor, Joseph Ketner Construction can often spot where major damage will be present. If a problem with your siding goes unnoticed or unaddressed, it could lead to some pretty hefty issues underneath. Even small cracks or imperfections can lead to water damage and other issues.

Once the siding is down, those issues become readily apparent. If there was no underlayment, the wood sheathing behind the siding could be rotted away in spots. Not only does this lead to more damage inside the wall, it could affect the structural integrity of your home, not to mention ruin the energy efficiency of your home.

When Joseph Ketner tears down the old siding, we are careful not to damage any other parts of the home, including the underlayment or sheathing. We’re here to improve the value of your home, not cause more problems! During the siding tear down, we make note of any water damage or rot, missing materials, and other potential issues that could affect the installation of new siding.

Post Tear Down Inspection

We investigate any problems or issues
Once the old siding has been removed, Joseph Ketner will take a closer look at what remains. Along with damaged sheathing, there could be missing or damaged insulation, mold/mildew, rotted wall studs, and other issues. All of these issues will be addressed before installing new materials.

After all, covering up problems doesn’t make them go away. Joseph Ketner isn’t here to just make your home look fantastic, we also want it to be safe, durable, and efficient. Hiding damage behind new siding will just make the situation worse. We will point out all issues we find and discuss solutions with you before we continue with the re-siding.

Siding Tear Down Precautions

We’re mindful of potential health hazards
Before any demolition takes place, Joseph Keter Construction first inspects the existing siding. Depending on the age of the home, the siding could be made of asbestos, covered in lead-based paint, or contain any other harmful materials. In these cases, it’s not just a matter of simply ripping off the old siding.

We always follow appropriate mitigation measures when removing potentially harmful building materials. For example, if asbestos isn’t properly handled, it can release small airborne particles that can be harmful to your lungs. We always follow proper guidelines to keep you and our crews safe.

Customer Testimonials

"It went excellent. I am very happy with the job. He was on time, cleaned up the site, and also responded very quickly to any issues we had."

Review by Claire

"They were courteous and professional. They arrived on time and organized their equipment at the end of the workdays. They also finished a day early. Highly recommended."

Review by Jordan

"I was most satisfied with the final result. It’s very aesthetically pleasing."

Review by David

"No one’s better than their team at what they do. They do all the exterior design for my development projects and I can honestly say I couldn’t think of a better partner."

Review by George

"Joe has complete integrity about pricing, is very detail oriented, leaves nothing to chance, and offered valuable insight into products, etc. They were friendly, extremely skilled and professional, and a pleasure to have around. They communicated with us often, and were completely trustworthy."

Review by Carol

"Joe was very helpful when it came to selecting products He was also very patient when it came to dealing with changes regarding layout of the windows. I would not hesitate to recommend Joe to anyone needing work done on their house."

Review by Gabe

Siding Tear Down Cleanup

We pick up after ourselves
There’s no doubt about it: demolition is a messy job. But we go to great lengths to keep the mess to a minimum and we clean everything up at the end of the day. This includes being mindful of any landscaping near the worksite and other exterior features of the home. All furniture and other moveable items will be moved before work begins to keep the area safe for our crews.

We have a portable disposal box on every job so we can clean as we go. This prevents materials from being left behind while keeping debris safely disposed of throughout the project, while keeping debris safely disposed of throughout the project. Depending on the job, we also cover all exposed walls before leaving for the day. Siding is the first line of defense for your home so we want to keep it as protected as we can.

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Get in touch for a free consultation on your siding and full exterior remodel project! We’ll visit your home and our consultant will inspect all of the exterior elements. If you’re interested in replacing your siding, we want to consider the entire home before making recommendations. With the variety of siding products available to us, we want to make sure your home looks the best it can be.

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