Hardie Trim, Soffit and Fascia

Complete the Look of Your Exterior with Hardie Products

While Hardie lap, vertical, or shingle fiber cement siding makes up the bulk of your home’s exterior, trim pieces are needed to complete the overall finished look of your home. Used to make the exterior of your house stand out even more, Hardie Trim, soffit panels, and fascia boards provide the contrast to the primary color of your home.

They also provide another dimension to the exterior of your home. Using Hardie Trim wood grain pieces around doors, windows, porches and porticos, columns, and other points of interest add a final flourish or curb appeal to your home. The durable materials require little to no maintenance, outside of the occasional hosing off (if that).

A close up beige and gray James Hardie siding to illustrate the difference between James Hardie Siding vs Vinyl

Hardie Trim

Coming in both rustic grain to mimic wood and smooth finishes, Hardieplank trim boards are long-lasting finishing products for use around windows and doors. Hardie fascia boards complete the look of your roof edging, drip edges, and projecting eaves. Hardie batten trim pieces give vertical siding that familiar look and feel. They also help protect your home’s vulnerable areas from the wet weather we get in the Pacific Northwest.

Hardieplank trim pieces come in a variety of sizes and colors to match almost any architectural design of your home. In addition to standard colors with long-lasting ColorPlus® technology, trim products can also be primed and ready for the paint color of your choice.

Hardie Soffit Panels

Soffits are the areas underneath porch covers or overhanging eaves at the edges of your roof. These panels are designed to cover those areas to provide another design element as well as cover up any joists or support beams you want hidden.

In addition to a “cleaner” look, these fiber cement soffit panels may be required for jurisdictional codes and requirements. We offer two styles of soffits: standard and vented. The vents allow for air circulation that may be needed in some cities or counties. Both styles can feature a wood-like grain or smooth appearance in several colors or primed for paint.

Work With Experience

Say goodbye to chipping paint on soffits, bowing trim pieces, or rotting fascia boards. James Hardie fiber cement board products will eliminate the need for replacement materials for decades and look fantastic in the long run. Let Joseph Ketner spruce up the exterior of your home with James Hardie building products.

As an Elite Preferred Contractor for James Hardie products, we are masters of design, installation, and replacement or repair of their materials. Through training, unscheduled inspections, and thorough audits of our work from James Hardie, we have continually proven ourselves. And our customers are the true beneficiaries.

We also have access to James Hardie siding products and materials that may not be available at the big box stores or your local stores. With our ability to get these specialty and other hard-to-locate products, we can give your home the exact look you want. Let us help you design-build the perfect exterior for your home.

Established Experience at Your Service

Get in touch for a free consultation on your siding and full exterior remodel project! We’ll visit your home and our consultant will inspect all of the exterior elements. If you’re interested in replacing your siding, we want to consider the entire home before making recommendations. With the variety of siding products available to us, we want to make sure your home looks the best it can be.

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