Exterior Home Improvements That Add Value

An updated home with a variety of exterior materials to help illustrate Exterior Home Improvements That Add Value

With today’s uncertain housing market, you want to make sure you’re making the right decisions when it comes to your home. Do you want to make improvements that increase the value of your home, or are you remodeling to make your home more comfortable? In most cases, renovations can accomplish both, especially on the interior of a home. But what are some home improvements that add value to the exterior of the home?

Sprucing up your home’s exterior might feel overwhelming, especially if the only home improvement project you’ve taken on is switching out light fixtures. But, when done correctly, these renovations can pay off by making your home more appealing, both in form and function, and increase your home value.

From a new paint job to fixing up your siding or upgrading windows and doors, these upgrades go beyond the surface. They make your home stronger, safer, and more efficient–all great selling points for potential buyers. It’s an investment in your home’s value, making it a hotter property in the real estate market.

Even if selling your home isn’t on your radar right now, giving the exterior of your home a facelift still packs a home equity punch. These upgrades aren’t just about resale, they’re about making your home better for you. When your home looks well-cared-for on the outside, it feels better on the inside.

Plus, these improvements mean less worry about maintenance down the road–that’s a win-win, whether or not you’re planning to sell anytime soon. Making these upgrades now has the potential to save you from costly repairs in the future.

How Exterior Home Improvements Add Value to Your Home

While it’s true that almost anything you do for the exterior of your home can help increase its value, some are more noticeable than others. We all know aesthetics plays a big part in the overall value of your home, perceived or not. Will a new coat of paint increase the square footage of your home? Of course not, but it will make your home more inviting.

New Siding

Investing in new siding for your home is more than just a surface-level enhancement, it’s an upgrade that will drive your property’s value up. According to the Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs Value Report for 2022, a fiber cement siding replacement is one of the best remodeling projects for the exterior of your home in regards to increased value.

This is based on replacing 1,250 square feet of existing siding with new fiber-cement siding, such as Hardie Plank, Shingles, or Architectural siding, primed and ready for paint, and trim pieces all installed according to exact specifications. Vinyl siding also has a good return on investment, but won’t add as much value as James Hardie options.

Fiber cement siding offers a multitude of advantages, including its durability. Fiber cement outlasts other traditional materials, resisting rot, pests, fire, and harsh weather. This longevity means reduced maintenance costs and increased home protection.

Additionally, it’s highly versatile, mimicking the look of wood, stucco, or stone while requiring minimal upkeep. Fiber cement siding’s resilience, coupled with its aesthetic adaptability, enhances a home’s curb appeal, providing both visual appeal and long-term value.

Energy efficiency is another perk of James Hardie siding. Much thicker than vinyl or aluminum, it provides a sturdier envelope for your home which can help with energy efficiency throughout the year. Investing in new siding isn’t just a cosmetic upgrade–it can make the whole home that much more comfortable, increasing its overall value and marketability.

Joseph Ketner Construction is an industry leader when it comes to installing James Hardie products, earning Elite Preferred Contractor status from the well-respected brand. Only one percent of installers have attained this status, and our 99 percent recommendation rating is just as satisfying.

Exterior Painting

Already have long-lasting James Hardie products on the exterior of your home? Why not give it a touchup with a new coat of paint? The exterior of your home is the first thing potential buyers notice, and a fresh coat of paint enhances curb appeal and makes the first impression a lasting impression.

Beyond aesthetics, this upgrade serves as a protective shield against environmental elements, shielding your siding from weather damage, UV rays, and moisture. This protection extends the life of your home’s exterior surfaces, reducing potential future maintenance costs and conveying a well-maintained property to potential homebuyers.

Choosing the right colors is crucial–neutral and modern tones often have broad appeal, offering a clean canvas for buyers to visualize their tastes if they want to make a change of their own down the road. Because this is the largest investment you’re likely to make, getting the job done professionally makes the most sense.

A fresh coat of paint can make spaces appear brighter, larger, and more inviting–but only if it doesn’t start to bubble or chip after a few seasons. Investing in a new coat of paint is a practical step in preserving your home, increasing its visual appeal, and consequently, boosting its market value and desirability.

Roofing Repair or Replacement

Like the choices between fiber cement siding and vinyl, aluminum, or wood siding, there are a few different directions you can take with your roofing. The Cost vs Value report we reference above considers 3,000 square feet of roofing material if you decide to go with a replacement.

These costs include the removal and disposal of the old materials, installation of new felt or synthetic underlayment, and then covering it all with asphalt shingle or metal roofing. Flashing, drip edges, and even a skylight or two are considered in the analysis.

Asphalt shingles cost less and will have a better return on investment, but metal roofing adds a certain “wow” factor to your home and will increase your home’s value by 50 percent more than asphalt shingles. Repairing the roof will save money over replacing the whole thing of course, but a new roof will give home buyers peace of mind they’re covered for at least a decade or two.

Upgrade Gutters To Help Protect Your Home
Upgrading your gutters and downspouts might not be the flashiest home improvement, but it’s a quick way to improve the value and functionality of your roofing system. Properly working gutters channel rainwater away from your house, preventing water from seeping into your foundation or causing erosion around your property.

New gutters and downspouts, especially if they’re sleek, modern, and well-maintained, can also spruce up the overall appearance of your house. They add a subtle touch of polish that can make a difference in the first impression of your home. With options like clean-outs on your downspouts and gutter guards that keep leaves and debris out, you can reduce the number of times you need to haul the ladder out for maintenance.

These little add-ons might seem small, but they’re selling points for homeowners who appreciate the convenience and reduced upkeep. Switching out old, worn-out, and damaged gutters when replacing a roof will make your home improvement that much more efficient.

Windows and Doors

Replacing the windows and doors of your home may not seem as powerful of a home renovation as new siding or roof, but that doesn’t mean they should be an afterthought. In fact, if you are deciding to re-side your home, this may be the perfect time to give the opening in your home a closer look. This is where most of the heating and cooling of your home escapes and drives up energy costs.

Energy-efficient windows and sturdy, stylish doors not only enhance the home’s visual appeal but also improve insulation, reducing energy costs. And if your home is already open during a siding replacement, this is an opportune time to bolster those cracks and seams to remove drafts once and for all.

Modern designs and materials can transform the look of your home, giving it a fresh and updated appearance. The ability to customize styles and colors allows for a tailored look that complements your home’s architecture, further elevating its attractiveness to potential buyers. If you want to go all the way, a steel front door in an eye-popping color can really make for a grand entrance.

Investing in high-quality windows and doors will increase the value of your home about as much as a midrange minor kitchen remodel, depending on the materials you use. So it makes sense to at least investigate replacing windows and doors when you’re considering exterior home improvements that add value to your home.

Garage Door Replacement

When you replace your garage door, you can add a touch of sophistication to your property while improving operation, convenience, and even energy efficiency. First off, curb appeal is key. It’s that instant impression people get when they drive by your home. A sleek, modern garage door can transform the entire look of your house.

Many new doors come with a lifetime warranty and have exceptional features: high-tensile-strength steel, double-coated with factory-applied paint, foam insulated, and thermal seals between panels to ensure optimal insulation. There are a variety of window configurations and hardware choices to give you a door that can instantly change the appearance of your home.

Functionality matters too. Upgrading to a new garage door means improved security, better insulation, and smoother operation. These are practical features that not only make your life easier but also appeal to potential buyers who are looking for a home with modern conveniences, including smart home technology that allows you to open the door with your phone.

This is one of the exterior upgrades that offer a high return on investment. According to Remodeler Magazine, you will recoup most, if not all, of the costs of a garage door replacement. A new garage door isn’t just an expense—it’s an investment that adds value, style, and functionality to your home.

Outdoor Improvements Apart From the Home

A well-maintained, thoughtfully designed landscape doesn’t just look good; it can add value to your property by making it more attractive. A lush, vibrant garden, neatly trimmed hedges, and colorful flowers create an inviting atmosphere. It’s the kind of visual charm that makes people stop and take notice.

Landscaping also enhances usability. Strategic plantings can provide shade, reducing cooling costs, while a well-planned layout can increase privacy or create inviting outdoor spaces for relaxation and entertainment. Improved landscaping is an investment that significantly boosts your home’s value by creating an appealing and inviting environment.

As an extension of your landscaping, refurbishing or adding a new deck gives you additional entertainment space. A deck expands your living space, creating a perfect spot for outdoor gatherings, BBQs, or simply lounging in the sun. A sturdy, well-designed deck adds usable square footage to your property.

While a composite deck brings more value to the home because of its lower maintenance needs, a wood deck has one of the better returns on investment according to the cost vs value report by Remodeling Magazine.

A new fence won’t add much value in terms of dollars and cents, but privacy and security are big selling points, especially to a family that has pets or small children. A fence can elevate the aesthetics of your home by framing the property, adding a touch of style and definition to the landscape.

By adding a fence, or at least fixing up the fence you already have, it’s one less thing potential buyers have to worry about. And by removing one more concern, you’re more likely to find someone who will sign on the dotted line.

When preparing to sell your home, the above exterior improvements can add value in many ways. Though they won’t add as much value as an updated gourmet kitchen or master bathroom with all the creature comforts, the exterior of your home is the first thing potential buyers see.

With these upgrades, you’ll put them in the right frame of mind before they even open the front door. And while the look of your home is important, remember that siding and roofing are the first and most crucial barriers that protect the framework of your home on the outside, while keeping your family safe on the inside. Investing in new exteriors is investing in both your home and your family’s security.

At Joseph Ketner Construction, we aim to do both. When we update your exteriors, you know the job will be done to the highest standards, adding a return in value while giving you peace of mind, knowing your home and family are well protected. Reach out for a free consultation and see how we can give your home an upgrade in both looks and usability.