Exterior Renovations

How to Increase Your Home Value through Exterior Renovation

A newly updated home with new siding, windows, front door, and more to help illustrate How to Increase Your Home Value through Exterior Renovation

As a siding contractor, we get questions about how to increase home value through other exterior renovations, especially if they are planning to sell. Aside from the glaring home improvements (broken windows, peeling paint, broken down fencing), some bigger jobs can help with both form and function. When it comes to large-scale renovations, kitchen and…

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Exterior Home Improvements That Add Value

An updated home with a variety of exterior materials to help illustrate Exterior Home Improvements That Add Value

With today’s uncertain housing market, you want to make sure you’re making the right decisions when it comes to your home. Do you want to make improvements that increase the value of your home, or are you remodeling to make your home more comfortable? In most cases, renovations can accomplish both, especially on the interior…

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Louisiana-Pacific (LP) Siding Recall: What You Should Know

red pencil on a limited warranty to illustrate lp siding recall

When homeowners take on a massive home improvement project such as siding replacement, they’re naturally concerned about the quality of the material. Researching this topic often leads to the famous (or perhaps infamous) Louisiana-Pacific siding recall. Or, as many refer to it, the LP siding recall fiasco. Here’s the low-down on what LP itself calls…

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