Best ROI Exterior Home Improvements

Workers installing new siding on a home to help illustrate the best ROI exterior home improvements.

We’ve been getting a lot of questions from clients over the past few years about the best way to improve the value of their homes through exterior projects. Maybe it’s because they’ve been spending more time at home due to remote work options, or they’re wondering how to protect their investment, or any number of other reasons. So we’ve compiled some of the best ROI exterior home improvements you can make.

According to Sunset Magazine, exterior remodeling projects are your best bet when it comes to return on investment on home improvement projects. Something as simple as replacing a front door to a complete re-siding of your home are both solid bets for making most or all of your money back.

The article states, “Overall, the team found that exterior replacement projects continue to offer a higher return on investment than interior discretionary remodels.” And the numbers back it up: of the 10 renovations they looked at, eight of them are exterior upgrades. A big part of that can be explained by how important curb appeal is to homebuyers.

Real estate company ReMax confirms. “Acting as a hint of what’s to come, the exterior of a home speaks volumes to its interior in terms of maintenance and style. If the outside displays the wear and tear of a home, homebuyers may never open the front door to see if the inside is in sync or not.” With so much home browsing happening online, that first impression can make all the difference in the world.

Exterior Home Improvements That Help the Value of Your Home

New siding offers high ROI due to its many benefits. Beyond enhancing curb appeal, it fortifies your home against the elements, minimizing maintenance costs and potential damage. Modern materials like fiber cement boost durability, reducing long-term maintenance expenses.

Fiber cement materials, like those offered by James Hardie, increase the value of your home more than vinyl siding. The versatility of Hardie siding gives you more options as well, whether you live in a traditional Craftsman or something more modern. And it will stand the test of time much better too: James Hardie siding comes with a 30-year non-prorated warranty.

If you really want to bump up your ROI, adding a manufactured stone veneer will do the trick. It elevates your home’s aesthetics, creating an upscale appearance that captivates potential buyers. Its timeless charm appeals to diverse tastes and architectural styles, making it a high-return addition–more than 100% according to the trade publication Remodeling Magazine’s cost vs value report–and one of the highest ROI exterior home improvements.

Other high-return home renovations are your front door and a garage door replacement. A new steel front door, stone veneer, and updated HVAC system were the only upgrades that reached triple digits when it came to ROI. With the right color, style, and window placement, an entry door replacement definitely adds a major point of interest to the exterior of your home.

A new garage door can make an even bigger impact–and not just because it plays such a huge part in the front facade of the home. Newer doors have improved insulations, which help with energy efficiency, and improved security to keep your cars, toys, and everything else safe.

Although there are many improvements you can make on the outside of your home, few are as important as windows when it comes to the energy efficiency of your home. Upgraded windows will curb utility costs, offer better insulation and security, and improve the overall comfort of your home. And if you are re-siding your home, replacing the windows at the same time will plug up any gaps where air passes through. A win-win!

It’s important to note that all of these upgrades won’t be worth much if they are installed incorrectly. From a drafty front door to faulty siding that allows water to seep in, these “upgrades” will cost you a lot more in the long run due to the damage that they cause.

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