How to Increase Your Home Value through Exterior Renovation

A newly updated home with new siding, windows, front door, and more to help illustrate How to Increase Your Home Value through Exterior Renovation

As a siding contractor, we get questions about how to increase home value through other exterior renovations, especially if they are planning to sell. Aside from the glaring home improvements (broken windows, peeling paint, broken down fencing), some bigger jobs can help with both form and function.

When it comes to large-scale renovations, kitchen and bathroom remodels often get the most attention. But the outside of the house will give potential homebuyers their first impression of the home. Making the exterior look its best will put buyers in the right frame of mind when they come for a showing.

Even if you aren’t selling, making improvements to the exterior of your home will increase the “Joy” value of your home. The National Association of Realtors “calculated a Joy Score for each project based on the happiness homeowners reported with their renovations” in their 2022 Remodeling Impact Report.

The report shows that generally speaking, homeowners feel better about their homes and themselves after completing a big project. Nearly three in four homeowners “have increased enjoyment in their home” and a whopping “84 percent of owners have a greater desire to be in their home” after a remodel.

So whether you’re looking to sell, or the homestead needs some remodeling to increase your comfort, you’re going to come out ahead with many of these exterior renovations.

Exterior Renovations That Increase the Value of Your Home

Renovating the exterior of your home can significantly boost its value–and the way you feel about your home. Here are several ways you can update the look of your home:

  • Siding Upgrade
  • Exterior Painting
  • Landscaping
  • Roof Repairs/Replacement
  • Windows and Doors
  • Garage Door Replacement
  • Outdoor Repairs

Focus on renovations that are in line with the style of your home and neighborhood. You don’t want to go overboard to make your home look out of place, but you want to make changes that will be noticed and set you apart.

Siding Upgrade

Fiber cement siding offers a multitude of benefits, combining durability, aesthetics, and low maintenance into a package that adds substantial value to your property. It is also one of the very best return on investment (ROI) upgrades you can give your home.

One of the primary advantages of James Hardie fiber cement siding is its resistance to various environmental factors. It’s impervious to rot, pests, fire, and moisture, ensuring the structural integrity of your home remains intact over the long term. This resilience reduces the need for frequent repairs, making your property more appealing and valuable to prospective buyers.

Moreover, fiber cement siding offers versatility in design. It can mimic the appearance of wood, come in a smooth finish for more modern homes, and other profiles. This adaptability allows you to customize the siding to match your home’s architectural style or neighborhood aesthetics.

Additionally, fiber cement siding is known for its low maintenance requirements. Its resistance to fading, warping, and cracking means reduced upkeep costs over time, a factor that adds to the overall appeal and desirability of your property in the real estate market. Investing in fiber cement siding isn’t just an upgrade; it’s a strategic move to boost its value and market competitiveness.

Exterior Painting

To go along with that new siding, a fresh coat of paint in the right colors can provide a huge boost. According to the National Association of Realtors report, a well-executed paint job returns a joy score of 9.8, one of the highest ratings available. Choosing the right colors can evoke certain emotions and impressions. Neutral tones often have broad appeal, creating a blank slate for potential buyers.

Beyond aesthetics, painting provides an additional protective layer against weather elements, preventing damage caused by rain, sun exposure, or pests. This preservation of the exterior surfaces can save on maintenance costs and appeal to buyers looking for a well-maintained property.

A professionally done paint job speaks volumes about the care and maintenance of your property, instilling confidence in prospective buyers. Investing in quality paint and professional painters ensures a durable and flawless finish, which can significantly contribute to the perceived and actual value of your home.


Landscaping isn’t just about making your yard pretty–it’s a strategic investment that can significantly elevate your home’s value. A well-thought-out landscape design enhances curb appeal, creating an inviting first impression for potential buyers or visitors. It’s like the cover of a book—it sets the tone for what’s inside.

Think of it as an extension of your home, offering additional outdoor living space. Well-placed trees, shrubs, and plants beautify the surroundings but also provide shade, privacy, improved air quality, and more. Creating designated spaces for outdoor activities like seating areas, gardens, or even an outdoor kitchen can appeal to buyers seeking an extension of their living space.

As an extension of your landscaping (or vice versa), improving your deck or patio or fixing a fence extends your living area, offering additional functional space. While this isn’t a great ROI according to Remodeling Magazine’s cost vs value report, a well-maintained or upgraded deck/patio can be looked at as an added-value bonus to help entice potential homebuyers.

Roof Repairs/Replacement

Repairing or replacing your roof isn’t just a maintenance task, it’s a strategic investment that can add value to your home. The NAR report states that you will recoup 100 percent of the cost of replacing your roof, depending on the materials you choose. An asphalt roof, for example, will provide a better ROI, but a metal roof will be more appealing to homebuyers because of its durability and low maintenance.

Potential buyers are often attracted to properties with updated roofing because it’s something they won’t have to worry about for several years. Beyond functionality, a new roof can transform the aesthetic appeal of your home. It provides an opportunity to choose materials, colors, and styles that complement the architectural design, enhancing the overall curb appeal.

This visual upgrade certainly helps the first impression your home makes on potential buyers, too. A new roof isn’t just an expense, it’s a strategic move to elevate your home’s value and marketability in the competitive real estate landscape.

Windows and Doors

New windows and doors equipped with modern technologies significantly improve insulation, reducing energy costs. This appeals to potential buyers seeking eco-friendly, cost-effective, and energy-efficient homes and can significantly enhance your property’s market value.

The looks of new windows and a front door should not be overlooked, though. Modern designs and styles can greatly improve the curb appeal, giving your home a fresh and updated look. The versatility in materials and customization options allows you to align these features with your home’s style.

New windows and doors contribute to a quieter interior by minimizing outside noise, offering an added comfort factor, too. Investing in high-quality windows and doors may not have the ROI as other exterior upgrades, but it’s definitely something potential homebuyers will be looking for.

Garage Door Replacement

The largest moving part of your home, replacing your garage door is one of the safest investments you can make for your house, no matter if you want to sell your home or you’re staying put for a few more years. This renovation doesn’t just improve the appearance, it elevates functionality, curb appeal, and security.

A new garage door can significantly bolster energy efficiency and may help with utility bills. Modern garage doors often come with insulation features that regulate temperatures, contributing to a more comfortable interior and potentially reducing heating and cooling costs. This energy-saving aspect appeals to environmentally conscious buyers and adds to the property’s overall value.

Advanced locking systems and sturdy materials show that it’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also has a measure of security. However, the visual impact of a new garage door should not be underestimated. It’s a focal point of the home’s facade, contributing significantly to curb appeal. The ability to customize styles, colors, and materials allows for a tailored look that harmonizes with the architectural design.

Outdoor Repairs

There are other things you can do around the exterior of your home that may not be as flashy as new siding or a new roof but are necessary to put your home in the best possible light. Ensuring your foundation is structurally sound, septic lines are clear, outdoor light fixtures are in good working order, and operational gutters and downspouts are a few items that will make for a tidy inspection report.

And, if you’re staying in the home, chances are some of these fixes are part of the honey-do list anyway. In the case of failing siding, roofing, or the aforementioned foundation, these are fundamental changes that will prevent even bigger repair bills down the road.

Check The Boxes to Increase the Value of Your Home

Aside from a complete rebuild or major addition, there’s only so much you can do with the square footage of your home. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t steps you can take to make your real estate agent’s job easier. From simple upgrades like cleaning up the yard, changing outdoor light fixtures, and general sprucing up to replacing the siding, windows, doors, and roof, there are a lot of options when it comes to increasing the value of your home.

As with any home improvement project, the materials are only as good as those doing the work. Joseph Ketner Construction is one of the highest-rated James Hardie fiber cement siding installation contractors in Portland and the surrounding areas. Both as an elite preferred contractor–a designation given to the top 1% of the installers in the nation by James Hardie–and with our 99% recommendation rating from our clients.

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