Getting Help Putting In a New Deck

Installing a new deck into your home can be one of the most monumental exterior renovation tasks that your residential property will ever see. Building and installing decks can be one of the most time sensitive and complicated tasks that you will ever come across – especially if you are not a weekend warrior that typically tackles projects of this magnitude alone. Below are a few tips that will help you to get the help that you need in an effort to build and install a new deck into your home. By following them, you are going to have a new deck that is the envy of your entire neighborhood.

Ask your friends

If you have at least one friend that is handy with building and installing decks, then consider asking them to set aside some time and help you to build and install your home’s new deck. If you have more than one friend that has experience in this, consider asking them to join you and aid you in building and installing your deck as well. This is a case of more actually being the merrier, because the more help you can get? The better your deck is going to look, and is the quicker you can have it properly built and installed into your residential property!

Family members

Alternatively, if you have a few handymen/handywomen that has experience in building installing decks, consider asking them to come over and help you with building and installing your new deck. If your family members know your friends and vice versa – and most importantly, they all get along together quite well – consider mixing both your friends and your family together to aid you in building and installing your new deck. The more hands you have on the project and the more people working toward the ultimate goal of helping you to get that deck that you have always wanted installed on your home, the better the entire project will be!

Advertise locally

Consider placing a few flyers around your neighborhood, advertising that you are wanting to find the few dependable people to help you with building and installing your new deck. Unlike with your friends and family, you will probably have to hire these people since they will be more acquaintances then friends. Even so, if you want a little bit of help on this project, advertising locally is one of the best approach is to take.


Finally, consider hiring a few people from Craigslist to aid you in building and installing your new deck over the weekend. With so many people constantly checking Craigslist in every area of the United States, someone is bound to come across your ad and will likely ask you pretty quickly after the ad if you are still looking for people to help you with your deck. Let them know that you are, asking them if they have experience with building decks, and from there hire accordingly. Getting help with your new deck may seem like a long shot, but in the end, it is actually quite possible to get a that you need and deserve!